I want to personally thank you for the nice job you did on my home! Every step of the way was just a class act! Your company went above all expectations and we couldn’t be happier.
It’s so awesome to know that there are still companies that go that extra step to make sure all of our questions and projects where handled in such a SUPERB manner!
Thanks again and if you ever need a referral please feel free to give them my name and I will tell whomever the great
job I received!

Mike & Linda Atkinson

Thanks for the many ideas and the wonderful job you and the crew did! Our kitchen turned out better than we could of ever dreamed. We will be calling you back to do our windows in the spring. Alpha and Omega is a class act and we could not be happier!
Thank you

Jordan and Amy Ambros

Dear Jerry,
I wanted to take the time to say thank you again for working with me on my home. You did everything that was on my contract and then some! The roof and siding look wonderful! The extra gable vents on the front of my home was that extra touch just like you said.
Again thanks!

Jim K

Alpha and Omega,
I can’t believe the fantastic job that was done to my kitchen! The counters and flooring are perfect! My wife and I love it!
Your company handled every question and issue we had! And the binder with the daily updates was so helpful.
Again we couldn’t be happier.

John & Anita Tolinti

We would like to express to you our thanks for the work you have done to our home.
From day one your team helped us through the whole process while making every step as simple as possible.
Both our new siding and our new roof look exceptional and better than the pre-storm condition. We will gladly recommend your work to all of our family and friends.

Michael and Susan

Thanks to your whole crew at Alpha and Omega, our family now has a new roof with just the cost of our deductible.
With the opportunity of having one of your hail claim specialists come out to our home,
our insurance company approved our whole roof. Our number one investment, our home, is now brought back to its fullest value. The sales team and construction crew from Alpha and Omega were very helpful and understanding.
We are very satisfied with our decision to work with your company and the result it has brought our home and family.

Terri and family

Upon the completion of our siding work we are pleased to say thank you for your services.
Without your help we would not have realized the damage we really had to our home, caused by the recent hail storm. We are very happy with the assistance we have received and love the way our new siding looks.
We consider ourselves lucky to have run into this opportunity. If I would not have taken the time to read through a brochure one of your representatives left at my home while I was at work, we would never have known about the advantages of taking on your services.

Kyle and Vancessa

I cannot thank you enough for all of the work your company has done for my home. Without your assistance my insurance company would have overlooked several points of damage done to my home.
The recent storm that hit on July 8th caused damage to my roof, siding, deck, gutters and window screens to say the least. I was approved and covered for all damage that was done by the hail storm. I am grateful for all the help your company has done for me. My neighbor’s home has also been affected by the same hail storm.
They are very surprised with the final product of my home and will be contacting your company for your service. My home looks better than before the storm hit.
Your professional services have brought my home back to exceed my expectations. I am very satisfied and thankful.

Karen Hamilton

The efforts of your company to work for and with my insurance company have been a complete success.
I was dreading having to purchase a new roof with how costly it can be. With your help we were able to get a new roof, siding, and gutters for just the price of our deductible.
We were also able to choose the colors and styles that we wanted.
Alpha and Omega exteriors gave us a free inspection and estimate which led to a brand new exterior for little cost to us. My husband and I are so glad we went through with your company’s services. We are confident and comfortable our new exterior has brought the value of our home up and will continue fully protecting our family from the effects natural disasters can have.

Tina Ontique

The roof on my home has been having minor dripping for the past month. The hail storm on September 27th caused a severe leak coming from the roof. Your company came out the same day I called in with our concern and fixed the leak. Your quick response to the problem at our home was very impressive. We will come to Alpha and Omega exteriors with any future leak, flood, hail, or fire damage – hands down.
Your assistance has proven you’re “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Raymond Montiable

My basement experienced a major flood which led to damage all over our finished interiors. The catastrophe was detrimental to me and my son during hard financial times. Your crew at Alpha and Omega came out to resolve the damage done to our home and prevented any further damage that may have persisted.
Everything that was damaged was covered by our insurance company and brought back to perfect condition.
The design assistance provided by Alpha and Omega was also a huge benefit!
Their consultation with the design concepts was also a big help to making the right decisions. My wife and I aren’t experienced in any type of interior design, so the personnel at Alpha and Omega have been beneficial to us in every respect.

Jason Preston

My husband was searching for a company to help with the aftermath a recent fire caused to our house. The worst part was the kitchen. When Rob came to us he explained the whole process and followed through with each step,
from clean up to picking out colors.
We could really tell complete customer satisfaction was your number one goal during the situation. We would like to thank you for helping us through this tough time with little cost to us. Our interiors really do look amazing!

Kimberly Cook

The work you guys have done inside my home is unrecognizable! As soon as your crew stepped in our door to help. my family has been at ease! We knew we were in good hands and it has shown through your dedication and work.
You were able to complete our work faster than we could have ever imagined! Even your suggestion to what style counter-top to put in the bathroom just shows how much you guys care!
The services you have provided for my family is truly memorable.

Wendy McDonald

Your company has helped our home from the outside, in. One of your hail claim specialists (Mike Oldenburg) helped us get our whole exterior approved and paid for by our insurance company.
We also had damage caused to our interior as a result of the storm leaving us with faulty exteriors.
Without the hassle of working with several different companies,
your personnel got our exterior and interior all redone brand new and covered by our insurance company. We are so thankful for all of your services and professionalism.
Our home has been complete, stress free, and looks better than we could have imagined.

Kelly and Tom B.

Thank you for providing such a valuable service. Your staff was extremely helpful and I am so happy with the outcome. I wish all businesses would treat their customers as you do and I will recommend you to all my family and friends.

Anthony & Bridget